In an age where corporate hospitals are thriving and profitability is the key to staying ahead, a hospital that demonstrates integrity and values can be challenging to find.

G.K.Homeopathy Hospitals 24*7 is started with the promise of providing quality care to every member of the society. Our focus continues to be compassion blended with quality and ethical service for the welfare of the community.

Founded by Dr. G.K.Manikandan B.H.M.S, – a dynamic homeopath practicing homeopathy for more than a decade, with a mission of affordable cure to everyone – G.K.Homeopathy Hospitals 24*7 desires to make patients life better with best practitioners and personalized treatment for every patients to diagnose and cure them off any acute and chronic condition.


  • The care of our patient is our first concern
  • We provide a good standard of practice and care
  • We keep our professional knowledge and skills up to date
  • We are treating patients as individuals and respect their dignity
  • We treat our patients politely and considerately
  • And listen to patients and respond to their concerns and preferences
  • We are giving our patients the information they need in a way they can understand
  • We also respect our patients’ right to reach decisions with us about their treatment and care